SCIENCE behind EVAwater

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EVA Bio + Energy System


  1. Filters sediment with a 0.2 micron proprietary technology ceramic filter.  (No glue)
    1. Eliminates harmful bacteria usually found to be larger than 1.0 micron (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Cholera and Typhoid)
    2. Removes fine particle contaminants like rust.


  1. Active coconut carbon removes Chlorine, Trihalomethanes and other organic chemicals.
  2. Silver activated carbon adds anti-bacterial properties to the filter.
  3. Unique to EVAwater purifiers, WSM-3000 kills bacteria and prevent the water in the storage tank from re-polluting.


  1. Remove acid compounds and restore a pH between 7.2 and 7.7-7.8 (Silica sand)  EVAwater has a similar pH to blood, making it the preferred choice water for human consumption and different to most other water.
  2. Proprietary prepared Zeolite removes heavy metals through absorption. Metals like lead, mercury, gold, cadmium and arsenic are removed and transformed.
  3. Further adjustments to the pH and further removal of heavy metals – adsorption. (Mineral Sand)


  1. EVA mineral stones add minerals and traces while it naturally oxygenates the water and further adjusts the pH to alkaline.
  2. EVA super mix supports the function of WSM-3000 and maintains the freshness of the water while introducing more bio-minerals.
  3. Magnetized water is free moving hexagonal water in harmony with healthy body fluids. The movement of water through the body promotes health and vitality.
  4. Far Infra Red rays form water clusters full of vitality. Clusters are microscopic (sometimes even sub-microscopic) and increase absorption of water in the body.

EVAwater purifiers are equipped with see-through reservoirs that helps clients to maintain the water levels in both the top and bottom reservoir throughout the day.

Uses of EVAwater for Health

Lime Stone, according to the original source documents for bio-sciences and medical doctors an example of a very poor source of calcium and yet we find it in our shops labelled as supplements and in our conveniently bottled water. Today lime stone is affordable and although plants utilize it, it is now used as a replacement mineral in our diet and water after all pollution was removed with all natural minerals and whole nutrients in order to purify and refine it. It is called white bread syndrome and those in the know express caution about the future of water and our diets, but no one can afford or find an unpolluted source of apatite or not even phosphates in large quantities.  Calcium Hydrooxyapatite (Apatite) is the correct mineral that does get absorbed in the intestine and gets stored in the teeth and bones.  EVAWater is completely safe to drink and use only natural raw materials with the original source of apatite that is reliable and approved by the Water Quality Association and meet the standards of natural raw materials of the International Standards Association as well as the WHO.

EVAwater Purifiers succesfully remove hard minerals and other pollutants and replace it with minerals in micro and macro measures that is bio-available and safe for human use.

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy water balance in the body.  Oxygen and essential elements are found in EVAwater, a rare and high quality drinking water that can play an essential role in general health and productivity.  Approximately 70% of the body weight is water.  The whole body and nervous system needs a balanced supply of water and electrolytes to function.  The organs of the body consist of water with essential elements dissolved in it according to organ function and purpose.

The co-factors (SiO2 prevent oxidation, Al2O3 – crystal or corundum, Fe2O3  carry oxygen in the body, FeO carry more oxygen, Magnesiun Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Sodium oxide, K2O Potassium,  TiO2 Titanium oxide, (P2O)5 Phosphates combine with calcium to form apatite and gets absorbed into the body cells, MNO Manganese Oxide, (H2O)+ (H2O)-, Ge Germaniun 11.22 ppm /pH 7.2 – ) of minerals and oxygen that are found in EVAstones can form the base of all atoms and molecules in living things.  These elements have to be sustained daily with the intake of water exposed to it and complimented by micronutrients in the diet.  EVAwater is an excellent choice and improves the diet’s sufficiency.

Excerpts from EVAwater Training course.  The pH of EVAwater is similar to healthy body fluid.  This helps the body to become healthy naturally and maintain equilibrium.

A natural source of a rare combination of essential elements similar in combination and character to the Lehringer theory of basic biochemistry was found in a stone from a pristine site in Korea. The combination of these rare and essential elements plays an important role with water and air (oxygen) to sustain life. This bio-field is complimented with bio-available minerals in natural organic trace elements and a balanced supply of microelements.  EVAstones and EVA super mix.   With thanks to Mr. Cho who introduced me to the Eastern philosophy of minerals in water. Marina Roos-Duffield N.Dip.Natural Sc Pretoria, Cert. Dr. Voddr MLD Nld. Cert. G. Acutouch Dr. Kim Korea Jhb).

Interesting research on the body:

Water without essential minerals dissolved in it, is just clear fluid and cannot sustain health for long periods of time.

Excerpts from lecture: C.K. Kim I.E. Ph.D Member of American Institute of Industrial Engineers. Pretoria

Trace elements in the water molecule improve movability through the membranes and cell walls in the body.

Traces are found in the body fluids and improve conductivity.  Traces can be given density and were found when superconductivity was used to map meridians.

Water in the body with essential traces improves conductivity of the bio-current in the blood and spine.

Uses of EVAwater in the diet

Taste of EVAwater

EVAwater tastes great!
EVAwater tastes natural and this encourages people to drink water more often. EVAwater consumers prefer not to hide the taste or pour artificial flavours into it. EVAwater has no smell and hardly any taste (mineral) – the EVA purification removes ground and chlorine that often gives a taste to water from the systems while the bio+energy system add minerals and energise the EVAwater.

Baby’s bottle.
Although mother’s milk can never be replaced, those who choose to do so use Evawater and know their babies are receiving healthy purified water and traces of some of the essential minerals. EVA makes sure babies gets what they need at a young age while not taking in heavy metals (metal tap). EVAwater is already purified and ready to use, there is NO need to boil it first.

Diet and nutrition 
Families using and drinking EVAwater enjoy the advantages of a diet with a balanced intake of essential elements that sustain health. Evastones are a natural source of essential elements small enough to move in and out of body cells. (Sodium and Potassium and electrolytes like Germanium) Evastones contain pre-cursors (minerals the body use to make nutrition) these benefits include longevity – better quality of life at an old age. After years of drinking Evawater regularly, clients often report an improved resistance against flu which reduces absenteeism from work. Other discomforts that disappear include aches and pains that become bearable, headaches, migraines, ulcers, arthritis, kidney or bladder infections feel better since they drink EVAwater. Click on Real life stories.

Cooking and preparation of rice. Add sustenance with EVAwater.
Boil rice in EVAwater. Evawater has tiny traces of manganese and magnesium to influence transformation of molecules into small 6-14 micron clusters with FIR (silica) this can help to remove acids. Refresh salad and always wash lettuce in Evawater for added minerals. (Electrolytes germanium, potassium)

Tea and coffee.
Tea and coffee’s are acidic but when prepared with EVAwater the taste is good. Evawater has an alkaline pH of 7.8.

Evawater purifiers produce water that is compatible with body fluids. This promotes optimal functioning of the body as a whole. Minerals in EVAstones include Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Germanium. (Elements like Al2O3, Fe naturally start erosion and improve the ability of water to absorb minerals like Phosphorous and Manganese over time) Any medical treatment can be complimented with EVAwater to enhance the natural healing process.

Natural remedies
Homeopathic remedies (potencies) are also prepared with EVAwater (FIR with a wavelength 6-14 micron) EVAwater is a source of many essential microelements used in remedies.

Offices and places of productivity.
Enhanced performance and concentration. Motivate staff with fresh drinking water in the office. Sharing space with other workers can become a place where concentration has to be enhanced. The human brain needs 74.5% water, oxygen and essential macro elements with anions and phosphorous to function. Water intake throughout the working day is very important. (Potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous) EVAwater is a sensible solution to provide workers with enough water with oxygen and minerals to keep their minds and immunity against disease functioning. (Silica)

Hydration is the biggest preventer of causes of injury and disease. Plenty of oxygen and minerals in Evawater before and during sport will add to general good health – Nutrition and oxygen to muscles (Sodium, Potassium, phosphorous, germanium, oxygen)

Hydration (potassium) can increase the ability to cope with stress and sometimes prevent a break in concentration. Evawater has all the natural traces to sustain the school going age. (Manganese with micro minerals of essential vitamins not supplied)

Evawater Purifiers are portable; an important tool when traveling. One of our Southern African EVAwater clients always takes theirs along when travelling through Africa. Whether it’s for picnicking along the Nile or Orange River, using their EVAwater Purifier ensures that they are drinking safe, clean and healthy water.

It is hydrated and healthy skin cells that give skin a beautiful and youthful appearance. This requires hydration of skin cells and hydrated cells in the tissue under the skin. EVAwater hydrates cells internally by drinking EVAwater and externally by spraying when applying serums, EVAwater steam enhances deeper penetration. (Tiny molecules and ions)

7 – 15 micron (healthy cells)
6 – 14 micron (healthy water molecules)